Weather the Storm with your Smart Home

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear someone talking about alarm systems for your home?  More than likely, you think of a siren going off because someone is trying to break in, Right?  Maybe you take it a step further and your thinking about the cool things it can do…turn your lights on, control the thermostat, or perhaps that video camera you can watch from your phone.  A smart home provides homeowners with a variety of convenience features, making their lives easier and safer, but some may not realize it can also save you even during natural disasters and emergencies.

Real home security prepares for the worst.  Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms can develop quickly, and during times where you may be fast asleep.  It’s important to have a reliable warning system.

Unlike some warning devices, smart alarm panels are independent of radio, television, and cell phones during severe weather. They detect storm activity right from your own home, and if there is a power outage it continues to protect you on battery backup for several hours.

Be prepared

Smart home technology is continually evolving. Live, up-to-the-minute weather reports during a tornado warning or other natural disaster may be one of the most life-saving options available. After hearing an emergency alert from the alarm panel, families can stay safe and aware of what's happening in their area.

Weather the storm the smart way

Natural disasters are certainly not a time to run around locking doors and checking on the surrounding area.  Homeowners can remotely close garage doors or anything outside that's connected without taking the risk of leaving their home during a tornado warning.  Alarm systems also receive alerts if a door or window is opened, and you can see what's happening on the property via security cameras.

If you aren’t at home when the storm is raging, you can still ensure everything is securely locked down from anywhere.  Smart technology can keep the family and property safer in the aftermath of the storm by alerting homeowners to any opportunistic looters checking to see if the property is unsecured.

What matters most

Home automation provides numerous benefits, especially during poor weather conditions. There are a number of reasons to upgrade gadgets and devices to smart devices, and connect them all with a single app that controls everything via a smartphone or tablet, but family safety is at the top of the list.

Savvy homeowners invest in smart home technology because the payoff in terms of safety, security, convenience, and better life quality is much, much greater!

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